About Tulip Creations

About Tulip Creations

A textile company, with complete integration providing customisable designs and garments. In-house dyeing, printing and processing units.

Satisfying brands, garment houses and others. Meeting all the demands from dyeing to designing with highest level of commitment.

Our Mission

To invent, to lead, to enhance, to digitalise and to bring in the revolution in the industry by providing best-value, unique and lushy services to global brands. To make a difference through empowering fashion and branding to outstand fashion trends, market changes and the latest technology. To enhance the quality of life for our business partners, customers and employees.


Tulip Creations is a textile company with highly reputed sustanibility. HIGG No.: 23432
Tulip Creations maintains all the textile processing standards including ecological and Social Criteria.
Tulip Creations is certified with improved ethical and responsible business practices and global shipping.
Tulip Creations is committed towards improving working condition in global supply chain and is certified by FTA.
One of Top Organised Company in Polyester Industry, Well-Known Company for it's Massive Range and Developments.
Best Seller
Tulip Creations never fails to be on top and is awarded as the best seller by the most reputed, DK Company.
Quality Standard
Company has Highest SOP Standards at All Stages of Manufacturing to Match Best Quality Fabrics in the Market.
Company has Very Experienced Team to Take Care of Buyer's Requirements, Developments and Supplies.

Our Presence

Dream Team

Surender Gupta


Smarth Gupta

CEO & Managing Director

Harris Pontikis

European Fashion Designer